What is “Dirty Bulk”?

I want to go back and talk about the time that I got really fat. I managed to dirty bulk my way up to 227 pounds at five foot nine. Not actually realizing at the time just how much fat I had gained or realizing how far off course I actually was with the approach that I was taking.

So this was about ten years ago, I was 22 years old, during my later years in high school I walked around at about between 185 to 190 pounds. I wasn’t super lean but my body fat was still pretty reasonable, somewhere around the mid-teens,and I was pretty strong and muscular at the time and I took my training really seriously back then.

And then once high school was over, I had my online business going, I was working for myself I had a lot more free time available, and so I decided that it was time to really push things to the next level with my training and put on some serious sights and basically just get as huge as I possibly could.

Now, unfortunately the time like a lot of lifters out there, I just didn’t have a real understanding or a real appreciation for the true genetic limits of muscle growth for natural lifters. And also the fact that the longer you’ve been training, the slower the muscle gains ar egonna come.

And at that point I was probably already carrying you know 85 to 90% of the total muscle mass that my body was capable of building naturally, meaning that just to gain even one or two pounds of extra muscle would probably take several months up to a year or more of hard focus training, but again, I just didn’t know it at the time.

So I did what a high percentage of misguided bodybuilding trainees do, which is to basically just cram as much food into my face as I possibly could, as much as my stomach could handle. I remember my breakfast was this huge homemade shake that I drink out of a big measuring cup.

I remember it was skim milk with two scoops of protein powder, a banana oatmeal, yogurt,not the plain yogurt but the ones that are flavored and loaded with tons of sugar, then two big scoops of peanut butter, flaxseed oil, olive oil, and sometimes I had ice cream to it, too. So that shake was easily twelve hundred calories or more, might have that same shake both inthe morning and at night before bed, and then during the day.

I’d have to solid food meals which were also pretty high-calorie, and then in between the two solid meals might also have a weight gainer shake. I never tracked calories back then, but it was probably somewhere between, I’d say 4,500to 5,000 calories a day on average, somewhere around there, which for me is a crazy amount,especially considering that I don’t actually have that big of an appetite.

And then on top of that I was out of high school now, so I wasn’t playing sports regularly like I used to, no daily gym classes and I was working really hard on my online business,so I’d spend most of the day just sitting at the desk or on the couch at home. Learn how you can get pure lean bulk with a 8 week ostarine cycle.

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